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Franz Hrazdira

I'm searching for genealogical data regarding the following relatives in various parts of Europe, but mainly around Leningrad/St. Petersburg in Russia, Moravia & Bohemia in the Czech Republic, Wien/Vienna in ÷sterreich/Austria and Mailand, Milano in Italy.

If you have any ideas or suggestions which may be of some help in my search, please send them via e-mail.

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Austria & Czech Republic

                         Anton & Barbara Hrazdira / Svoboda
                            Son, Anton Hrazdira
                            b. Oct. 21, 1877 in Kotwrdowitz

                         Johann & Maria Holoubek / Busicove
                            Daughter, Maria Holoubek           
                            b. Jun. 29, 1882 in Budweis

St. Petersburg / Leningrad

                         Nikolajev Kondratev 
                            Daughter, Antonina Nikolajevna Kondrateva

                         Piotr Dimitry Sharinov & 
                         Antonina Nikolajevna Sharinova / Kondrateva 
                            Daughter, Antonina Petrovnaja Sharinova 
                            b. Aug. 13, 1910 in Volodarsk

Vienna & N.÷.

                         Johann & Maria Neubauer / Hrazdira
                           Son, Richard Neubauer 
                           b. Dec. 24, 1931 in Vienna 
As of recent date:
                         Ingrid Gallent-Neubauer, 
                         Dorothea Neubauer, 
                         Gunther & Andrea Neubauer, 
                         Bernhard & Susanne Neubauer 

Milano, Italy

Parental data of
                         Aldo Torchio,
                            b. Sep. 17, 1925 
                         Elena Manfredi,
                            b. Jan. 14, 1955 
                         Elena Meda,
                            b. Jul.  7, 1958